5#poems, Peter Wullen


reference le bleu du ciel
by georges bataille
gallimard 1957 page 106

dead motherfucker


the male frog leaps
upon the female
when seated upon her back
he fastens himself to her

and throws his forelegs
round her breast

he most beautifully
joins his toes
between one another
as people do their fingers

at prayer

as soon as the eggs
have escaped
from the female body

between hers
and the male’s
hinder legs

the two frogs

(excerpt from Jan Swammerdam’s ‘Book of Nature’ cited by Tim Birkhead, ‘Promiscuity’, ‘Sperm, Ejaculates & Ova’, page 108-109)


and in two of the valves

of her shell
she had two little

in each of which
she kept
a little husband

i do not know

of any other case
where a female
invariably has

two husbands

(Darwin to Charles Lyell about barnacles, excerpt from Tim Birkhead, ‘Promiscuity’, ‘Competition, Choice and Sexual Conflict’, page 14)


they want my naked body
but they don’t want

my naked soul

cause my body is
crazy and funny
but my soul is evil

dressed up
like a strawberry
car crash

in my fucking noise

(stolen words from lametàfisica)


i don’t like

my unscarred face
it’s uncool
it can’t hide an emotion

but it does have brilliant teeth

and a shiny pinpoint
sometimes unselfishly
sticking out

of my decaying corpse
os penis

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